The Clubs Aims


To provide for the accommodation, recreation, and general Welfare of Seamen frequenting or visiting the Port of Mumbai and particularly to provide a comfortable home, where Such Seamen may get board and lodging at a moderate charge.

To provide a refuge for Seamen who are Shipwrecked and in distress, and generally to protect and Further the interest of Seamen in such a manner as may from time to time appear necessary or advisable.

To ensure no distinction on account of religion donomination in admitting Seamen or others to the aforesaid premises and to participate in the amenities offered therein.

Historical Note

The history of Prince of Wales Seamen's Club goes back to 1837 when the Bombay Sailor Friends Association was started at Dhobitalao (about a kilometer from the present location).

Here is the chronology under different names that Royal Bombay Seamen's Society existed:

1837 – 1876Bombay Sailors Friends Association
(Bombay Sailors Home at Dhobi Talao).
1876 - 1928Bombay Sailors Home Society
(Royal Alfred Sailors Home at Apollo Bunder).
1886 – 1923Bombay Harbour Mission & Seamen's Institute at Prince's Dock)
(St. Nicholes Church and Institute of Princess Dock)
1923 – 1928Prince of Wales Seamen's Institute
and the Bombay Harbour Mission (at Ballard Estate)


On 15th February 1929, all these Associations merged and became the Royal Bombay Seamen's Society.

The Royal Bombay Seamen's Society were in affiliation with the Mission to Seamen and The Prince of Wales Seamen's Club is one of the International Christian Maritime Associations.

The foundation stone of the existing building was laid on April 30th,1918 and the building was opened by H R H The Prince Of Wales, November 20th 1921.

Ever since its inception (1837) it has enjoyed Royal Patronage.